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  • RE: Getting a certificate of residence signed and stamped

    Is there something not right with my question? I sent a proof of residence form to the tax office on the 10th of March. It still hasn't been returned, despite it showing that it has been completed on government gateway I would genuinely like an answer as I'm trying to explain to the authorities in Austria the procedures in the UK. I have raised the issue as a complaint on the 29th of March but again there doesn't appear to be any communication other than acknowledgement of receiving the complaint
  • Getting a certificate of residence signed and stamped

    I completed a ZS-Qu1 form and this was received on the 10th of March. The Austrian tax authorities require this before they can release the funds that are ours to us. I have contacted the tax several times and had initially been told the 31st March then the 19th April and after complaining said it was in the post( I still don't have this document) Is this the normal amount of time this process takes? I'm slightly out of my depth in this area. I'm trying to explain to the authorities in Austria that the delay not my fault, As this will be a yearly procedure for me, is this normal to take so long?
  • Foreign dividend from private foundation

    I shall be receiving a dividend from a private foundation in Austria . The amount will be €15000 before 15% tax is applied in Austria The payment will only be made one time in the year Am I correct in thinking that the form I need to complete for this is the SA106? Would you be able to advise where exactly on this form do we declare this as there are so many boxes on the form I'm unsure which to complete? Also is this the only self assessment form I need to complete as I won't have any other income other than wages which are already declared and taxed Do I understand correctly that if Austria takes 15% on the dividend and the UK would take 8.75% on dividends ( my tax band id basic rate. ) I wouldn't pay the tax in the UK as part of the double taxation treaty as its lower here than the amount deducted in Austria?