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  • Income Before entering to the UK

    Hello, I know that tax year starts from 06 Apr 2021 to 05 Apr2022. I was first entering to the UK on 6 July until now, I become a tax resident, I want to ask if I need to report the income earnings before entering UK from 06 Apr 2021 - 06 July 2021? I know I must include the income I earn in the UK. For example , income earnings (6 Apr - 6 Jul/2021): USD 7,000 (in USA) Then, I enter in the UK on 6 Jul , and start from 7Jul 2021 to 05 Apr 2022 , I have income earnings GBP 17,000. So I should just report GBP 17,000 ? Or USD 7000+ GBP 17,000 ? Please advise.
  • RE: Earnings in USD But Not Transfer to UK

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. The income arising is not from employment. I have signed a service contract as a contractor-client relationship only, so definitely it’s not employment, I should be classified as self employed, right ? Additionally, SA103 is needed to be filled?
  • RE: Earnings in USD But Not Transfer to UK

    Hi, Regarding to your reply, “If your earnings are arising from work completed in the UK then SA103 is required.” Question : my earnings are arising from my consultancy services (And physically I work at my UK home for my US client), so in my situation, do I need to file SA103? And, regarding to your reply that “SA106 is only required from UK residents receiving foreign income outside the UK.” Question: I stayed over 183 days and I must be regarding as UK resident, and I am actually receiving income from the US as they pay me in US dollars and pay to my US bank account (not to my UK bank), so in this case, do I need to fill in SA106?
  • RE: Earnings in USD But Not Transfer to UK

    Hi, How about these earnings are from self employment, as I work by myself to serve my client in overseas. Do I need to submit SA103 “self employed” form ? And, in my case, SA106 is not needed, right ?
  • RE: Split year treatment

    Hi, If I claim for Remittance basis, I know I have to fill out SA109 form, however, do you mean that I need to first fill out a self assessment tax return (SA100) online , in addition to SA109 in paper form ? I searched on the web that SA109 is only in paper form , I can’t fill out online , am I right?
  • Earnings in USD But Not Transfer to UK

    Hello, My case is I stayed more than 183 days in the UK in the tax year 2021-22 with a home in the UK, so I am a UK tax resident but I trust that I am not domiciled. I have earnings totaling USD 30,000 in the tax year 2021-22 from my US client, if I want to use Remittance Basis (not to transfer these amounts to the UK, just stay in my US bank account opened in the US), do I need to fill out Self Assessment SA100 online? Or, ONLY fill out the SA109 form? And also, what about SA106 "Foreign", do I need to fill it out too? My question is simple: Option 1 : fill out SA 109 only (If I claim for Remittance Basis for these foreign income earnings) Option 2 : fill out SA100 (declared as Self-employed & indicate earnings of USD 30,000 ) + SA 109 (if I claim for Remittance Basis) Option 3 : fill out SA 100 + SA 109 (if I claim for Remittance Basis) + SA 106 "foreign" to indicate foreign earnings? Which option is it applicable to my case? Thanks in advance and look for hearing from your reply.