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  • CDS and imports via Parcelforce

    Hi All my company's imports are handled by Parcelforce and they are authorized to apply postponed vat accounting and to use our deferment account. On my periodic deferment statements there is the following a notification: "The ability to make import declarations on CHIEF will end on 30 September 2022. If you import goods, you need to register for CDS and set up a CDS direct debit instruction for your duty deferment account". So even if my import are handled by Parcelforce I need to register to CDS? Or is there a way to set up a direct debit instruction in another way?
  • unable to get copies of Postponed import VAT statements

    Hi I need copies of old Postponed import VAT statements- particularly March and April. I have used the option "request a statement that’s older than six months" on three times already. I always get a message that it may take around 48 hours to get back to me and then nothing is sent t me. I tried also asking for those by writing to - they asked a bunch of follow up questions, and then went silent. This was in November 2021 and they do not reply to ANY of my messages. I called HMRC was bounced around a few times and then was given another email address- from which I received a quick reply that they are not the department I need to contact. So great half an hour on the phone just to receive a useless email address. So can anyone advise how I can get copies of Postponed import VAT statement s older than six months???
  • RE: C79 download?

    thank you for your reply. We started importing in April but we have not received a c79 for that month till now. And May C79 does not include all our shipments. Whom I should contact in order to get the April one and the May one checked out?
  • C79 download?

    Is it possible to download a pdf/excel version of C79 instead of receiving a paper form? Or download it in addition to the paper one? ?
  • form C79

    Hi My company is in the UK and we sell to UK customer but have orders shipped from the EU - straight to the customer (dropshipping). The droppshipper uses GLS to ship those items and in the UK they are handled by Parcel Force. If we have lets say 50 orders to UK customers to be shipped on a given day, the droppshipper ships them with one collective invoice (issued to us) and they arrive at respective customers (this procedure was suggested by GLS and they claimed they had finally managed to work how to deliverer post-Brexit properly). In general those collective invoices are always above 135 pounds. The dropshipper has been shipping this way since April. We have never paid any VAT for parcels that were brought and in June we received a C79 form for May that looks like it corresponds to majority (but not all) of our collective invoices from May. In July we received another C79 form that corresponds to all our shipments we had in June. Both forms give the VAT number of the agent- and it looks Iike the Vat number belonging to Royal Mail. Can somebody tell me if we should be receiving those form at all? As I said we had not paid any VAT on entry of our parcels. Is there a mistake in the procedure? Are we missing something? We cannot get any more information from GLS from EU about how those parcels are processed... Are we correct in thinning there is something wrong with how they do it? Where can we seek some help- Parcel Force?
  • Importing and DDA

    Hi May company would like to import inventory from Europe. We have set up a DDA. Shipments will be sent from the country of destination via Raben and we will appoint a Customs Agent as a Direct Representative here in the UK to handle import procedures on our behalf. We would like that agent to use our deferment account. Can somebody please tell me what else we need to set up in order to have everything we need in place? Sign up for Duty Deferment Electronic Statements?