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  • Declare income of self-assessment return

    Hi, I have question about declare income. Because my parents transfer money as a gift and I also received the refund from the company in Hong Kong send to my foreign bank account, should I need to declare as foreign income? And I have the Mandatory Provident Fund in Hong Kong but I can’t take any money from this account, therefore the money remains in Hong Kong. Do I need to declare in self-assessment return in terms of foreign income (Pension part)? Thanks for advise.
  • RE: Mixed fund and money transfer of foreign bank account

    Thank you for your reply. and just follow up. Do I also need to declare "capital" in self assessment? Thanks for advise again.
  • Mixed fund and money transfer of foreign bank account

    I have question about income tax. I have saving account in Isle of man, and already deposited money (only capital) into this account before I become UK resident. And earned some interest when I am UK resident. Is it clarify as mixed fund? Do I need to cleanse the mixed fund if my bank account statement which can identify “interest” and “capital” part? If I transfer/bring money (included capital and earned interest) from Isle of man saving account to UK bank account after I become UK resident (i.e stay over 183 days). Is it only pay tax on earned interest? And no need to pay tax in my capital part? Do I need to register for self-assessment to declare “interest” part if I earn interest from my oversea saving account? Thanks for advise.