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  • RE: I changed phone number and I cannot reset security preferences

    Hi Jeanette, Yes... I was finally able to go through it. I had to call at least 10 times and try all the different month/year combinations until I finally got the right one. It was not really a good experience. Note that out of desperation I also created a new Government Gateway user ID... this did work but it did not solve the problem of being able to access the Self Assesment section as that is still tied to your old user id. So unfortunately the only suggestion I can give you is to keep trying. Cheers, Stefano
  • RE: I changed phone number and I cannot reset security preferences

    I wish it was so simple. As mentioned I did contact the Online Services Helpdesk but they have not been able to help because they ask 2 questions that cannot be answered. I have not been able to escalate it and they just say they cannot help.
  • I changed phone number and I cannot reset security preferences

    Hi, I no longer have the phone number I used for dual factor authentication and it is impossible to change my security preferences: - In the Governement Gateway login page, I enter user and password and the system tries to send a SMS I cannot receive. I then click on the "Problems receiving this code? You can get help" link and it tells me to call the online services helpline - I contacted the helpline several times, I pass the first set of security questions but then they ask me to questions I cannot answer correctly (What is your Self Assessment source or trade description? What was the month and year that you registered for Self Assessment?) . The tell meto contact the Self Assessment line - I contacted the Self Assessment line and they say there is some issue and they cannot find the answer for those questions either. They suggest I contact the online services helpline! It seems I ended up in a sort of "loop" I cannot get out of. I even tried to create a new Government Gateway user ID and that works fine but when click on Self Assessment, it tells me I used a different user Id in the past and tries to push me to that. I would only like to file my self assessment!! Anyone has an idea on how this could be resolved? Thanks for any advice!