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  • Self assessment and "taxable" capital gains

    I moved to the UK from the US in August 2021. I have been employed on a PAYE scheme so have paid my income tax in the UK that way, but I have retained some investment accounts in the US. I paid tax on these accounts when I filed my US tax return, but my it's been my understanding that I still need to register for Self Assessment to report that income to HMRC. I haven't been able to register for Self Assessment online so was filling out the "paper" form to register, but I wasn't sure what reason to select for why I require Self Assessment -- is it because I have taxable foreign dividends or capital gains tax to pay--or both? I earned ~$4500 in total dividends and ~$15k in capital gains across these accounts over the US tax year. (And if it is because of taxable foreign dividends, what date do I use for when I started receiving dividends? I've had these accounts for much of my life.) Please let me know if I can clarify further -- thank you!
  • RE: Do I need to file Self Assessment?

    Hi, Seeking clarity on a similar question! I moved to the UK in August 2021 on a spouse visa from the US (where I am a citizen). After moving, I stopped collecting employment income in the US and became employed full-time in the UK; however, I still have some investment accounts in the US. I have already paid my taxes in the US (including on capital gains from my investment accounts). Do I still need to complete a self-assessment to declare my investments as a part of my worldwide income for the UK tax year even though I have already been taxed by the US?