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  • RE: Lump sum private pension received.

    can you please let me know the further procedure, where do I need to post the form? and how HMRC will be informed about this?
  • Lump sum private pension received.

    I am a UK citizen, but I live In Germany and have since 2007. In Jan 2023 I took a lump Sum Pension Payout of £42,000, the pension company deducted tax of £11,000. I do not work in the UK and do not have any other income in the UK. My question is do I need to pay tax in UK on lump sum pension payout from private pension provider? if not then how I shall claim the tax deducted of £11,000?
  • British American Tobacco UK Pension Fund

    If an individual is a USA resident and is getting pension income and tax deducted from the British American Tobacco UK Pension Fund then, will the individual include the pension income from the British American Tobacco UK Pension Fund in the UK tax return 2021/22? or will just include the tax deduction from the pension fund in box 22 of page SA109 and do not include the pension income anywhere on the tax return and complete the HS304 form?
  • RE: NHS Pension deduction

    Hi, my NHS statement, only has the following details: NHS contract amount pension deducted net payment Seems to be I need to use box 3 on page TR 4 while confirming my pension deduction on my tax return, as it is my employer's scheme. Can you please confirm?
  • RE: NHS Pension deduction

    I am not on the payroll, actually, it is the NHS contract, where they deduct lab fees and superannuation amount.
  • NHS Pension deduction

    I am getting paid by NHS, where NHS only deducts the pension and not the tax. While submitting the tax return, do I need to mention the pension deduction amount in box 3- Payments to your employer's scheme which were not deducted from your pay before tax?