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  • SA109

    Hello, I have few questions regarding my self assessment SA109. I hope you can help. I have lived/worked 20 years in the UK and have British citizenship, I moved to France on 30/06/2021 (spent 85 days for this tax year) I worked part-time until 27/05/2021 (24 days) I have sent my P85 and NRL1 form when I left the UK. I haven't worked since leaving the UK so I don't meet the third automatic overseas test. I started renting a house in France on the 1st of septembre 2021. Box 1: Resident status: I have put yes for "were you resident for the tax year" but I'm not sure if I meet the Second automatic test. UK resident for 3 tax years before 2021-2022 lived continuously at the same address for 9 years and 30 days fall in the tax year I have only 1 tie to the UK ( my husband is still works full time in the UK and has the resident status for tax purpose) Box 9: if box1 it's yes i should put No correct? as well do I have to fill the SA102 as I was employed April and May? Thank you for taking the time.