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  • RE: Use Of Automated Integrated Platform

    Thank you @CustomsOldTimer 😊 Would you be able to provide clarity on my email about the AIS platform?
  • Use Of Automated Integrated Platform

    My company has been struggling with our current situation and as much as I believe there's a solution in AIS Platforms for declarations, I am still insure that the process can work perfectly even in the EU. We currently use FF and couriers like UPS and DHL to import and export our goods to the EU and ROW. Currently if its repairs that came under temp import or using CPC 51 00 000 IPR we still having charges after export "return after repairs" meaning duty/ Tax on the other side, meaning the courier used still asking this when the goods gets to the other country especially Czech Republic, Italy and Spain so according to the "Brexit Legal Guide" Retuned goods under temporary import for repairs should not suffer any duty/Tax on return or any fees when the goods in question are free of movement, so my question is why are those specific countries still charging our customers? if this rule applies to all countries in the trade Union (and I did check to be sure) is it the courier that are setting those fees with lack of knowledge of this loophole or are doing it for personal gain? providing my first question is a resounding YES then would using the AIS platforms a better option for declaration? and I can choose to use my own transportations to avoid these crazy costs? lastly would you recommend the best AIS platform to use for declaration working in the EU and ROW? I have used Blu-J and Destin8 before but Blu-J seem to be gone into something completely different now. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks