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  • RE: Claiming back import duty after UPS lost parcel

    Thank you for the response. I have been filling the form in but completely bamboozled at the "Repayment and remission details" section. Under total charges on my UPS document, I have two lines listed under charges. Disbursement Fee (11.50) and Value Added Tax (405.03) How does that translate into the fields below?? Amount of duty paid (for example, import/ADD/excise) 416.53? Amount of duty due to HMRC ?? Total duty repayment Amount of duty paid minus Amount of duty due to HMRC ?? Amount of VAT paid 405.03? Amount of VAT due to HMRC ?? Total VAT repayment Amount of VAT paid minus Amount of VAT due to HMRC ?? Total amount of duty and VAT paid Amount of duty paid plus Amount of VAT paid ?? Total amount of duty and VAT due to HMRC Amount of duty due to HMRC plus Amount of VAT due to HMRC ?? Total of duty and VAT repayment Total duty repayment plus Total VAT repayment ?? Could you please enlighten me? Kind Regards, Mark
  • Claiming back import duty after UPS lost parcel

    Hi All, I sent a laptop back to Germany worth £2200 for a warranty repair, on return I received a letter from UPS for a £416 import duty charge. According to the company who I purchased the laptop from, they said that this should not have happened as import duty was already covered on the initial purchase and I shouldn't pay again for a repair performed under warranty. I did a bit of googling and found information that supported this(?). The company told me to hold off paying and that they would contact UPS to sort this out. Well, they didn't and I received a late fee letter from UPS so I decided to pay with a view to attempting a claim back afterwards. After paying I heard nothing so I contacted UPS who wouldn't deal with me directly as they said that the shipping contract was between them and the company who sent the laptop back. 6 months and many emails later with the company, they have decided to issue me a refund telling me that UPS had declared the parcel lost. I queried the £416 import duty fee that I paid and they told me I'd have to take it up with UPS (who obviously don't want to refund me). So my question is, how do I claim this fee back as I didn't actually receive the item that I've been charged for! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Mark