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  • RE: FBO Address / Compliance

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  • FBO Address / Compliance

    Business A imports beverages directly from the UK supplier XX into Spain, Business A is the sole importer into Spain and therefore the FBO responsible for food regulations compliance with the Spanish authorities. The UK supplier XX agrees to print Business A's name & address on the food label to comply with EU Regulations. Business B imports the same products from the same UK supplier XX into Italy. Business B requests that his name and address also be printed on the food label . The UK supplier XX refuses to add Business B's name & address onto the food label saying one FBO address is sufficient to cover all EU imports. Business C would like to import the same beverages from the same UK supplier XX into her own country Poland, but is anxious that she will be flouting EU regulations if her name & address are not on the food label.. Is the UK supplier XX right to assume that only one FBO address is sufficient ? Does this pose a problem to the Supplier XX or to rather to each independent importer in their different member state ? Thank you