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  • No evidence of Business Name on SA103F Forms

    There is no physical printing of 'Business Name' on the downloadable+printable PDF forms. This is a huge oversight, as it does not allow proof for a Sole Trader to show that the earnings stated on the form are from the business they own+operate. If there simply was the section that had 'Business Name' right above the 'Business Description' then this would solve this issue. Instead it only allows for the person that is making the Self Assessment Tax Return to have the name on the header of the pages, alongside their UTR. e.g. Your Name: John Smith UTR: 123456789 Business Name: JS Window Cleaning UK <-----(this section is not in the printable forms) Business Description: Window Cleaning ..... This really needs to be an update for Tech + Admin Team to address and have for any further Tax Return Forms. Please. The section is there + valid when filing a Self-Assessment Tax Return, to give/provide your 'Business Name'; however, this is not then provided in the forms post submission. How odd and I surely think I am not the only one with this problem. HMRC Agents/Operators have been contacted and they state 'this is not a known issue, if a legitimate source calls to confirm if you are in business/trading, we will confirm a person's employment status on last SA Tax Returns and confirm their UTR'. In addition, if the stated 'Business Name' is a stated section on the 1st page alongside a 'person's name+address+phone number+email' (if personal + business details are one and the same) then that would just be the absolute cover all. Note: this is for Sole Traders that are not VAT Registered or a Registered Limited Company (Companies House). Both VAT Registered + Limited Companies would have proof of business registration via these channels.