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  • India mutual funds gains on sale

    Hi HOw much tax i need to pay on long term and short term capital gains on sale of mutual funds in india, Under DTA can i claim any tax relief on those, i have paid 15% tax on those in india already. Thanks
  • NRE Interest conversion issue to GBP from INR

    Hi My query is about the calculating exact amount of interest income in GBP from INR to be enter in my SA.I receive interest income on my NRE term deposit in india and I get tax certificate in INR for that end of year in dec, that only shows total interest I have been paid from jan till dec thay year, not the specific dates when that interest has been paid, but HMRC conversion rates are month wise so I don’t know what conversion rate should I take? Should I take conversion rate for 31st dec each year from HMRC or take the yearly average and not sure how can I calculate yearly average? Thanks
  • RE: Income from foreign NRE account

    Hi What is the process to claim for last 3 years, 2018-2019 and 2019-2020,and 2020-2021 ; i never knew this and so never claimed" Do i have to revise my previous returns to claim it back or is there any specific form i can fill up and send over? Please guide! Thank you.