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  • RE: Interest from French accounts

    Thanks a lot for the feedback. I understand that these accounts theoretically should only be taxed in the UK, but to the extent that they were in fact taxed at source in France (via the bank) for a) social levies; and/or b) income tax, can relief be claimed to avoid double taxation (and if so on both a) and b))? Many thanks again.
  • Interest from French accounts

    Dear all, Would someone please be able to advise on the extent to which the interests arising from the following types of French accounts are taxable in the UK for a ULK resident (to the extent above any available allowances)? 1. Livret de Développement Durable (LDD), which pays tax-free interest, similar to an ISA. I assumed that the tax-free characteristic may still apply in the UK (if considered like an ISA) but now wonder if that is in fact the case. 2. Compte Epargne Logement (CEL), which interest is taxed at the source (by France via the bank) for social levies but is otherwise exonerated from income tax. Similarly, I assumed that the interest would be exonerated from income tax in the UK, but may be wrong. If taxable in the UK, I also wonder to what extent I can claim relief from the social levies already paid (which I in fact wonder whether the bank was right to take). 3. Plan Epagne Logement (PEL), which interest is taxed at the source for both social levies and some income tax (with a question mark again on whether the bank was right to take such taxes at the source). Should I still declare it in the UK, and to what extent can I claim relied from all the taxes already paid? Any experience of these types of accounts and issues welcome as my research so far remains quite inconclusive! Many thanks!