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  • Voluntary Class 2 NI HMRC bafflement

    I am thoroughly confused about how HMRC are handling (or potentially incorrectly handling - I am not sure) Class 2 Voluntary NI. In the year ending 2021 SA recently submitted I earned roughly £6000 from Employment £6000 from self employment and £6000 from property. I ticked the box to pay Voluntary NI on Self Employment, and transferred the requested amount of £3.05 a week for Class 2 to HMRC. They simply returned this same amount to my bank account without explanation. I note on my HMRC portal it states that I overpaid tax by the amount of the Voluntary NI. On the NI section it states I could pay an amount of about £250 voluntary NI to secure that year (a figure in between the Voluntary Class 2 and Class 3). I am baffled as to why HMRC is not accepting the voluntary NI which flowed from my self assessment. I also have no idea how the alternative number above derives -- I presume something to do with being both employed and self employed. But having had my payment completely ignored, is it now too late? Not can I find out anything at all about this online. Any assistance much appreciated