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  • RE: Cannot process tax refund inside my government gateway personal tax account

    Thanks for the response however i have been around that loop many times without success.. if you can actually get someone on the phone they don't seem to be able to resolve the question. It seems the new validation system introduced denies a lot of people access - example; UK citizen, no valid passport, retired or unemployed (hence no p60) living on the mainland (so uk driving licence not NI) means they cannot validate online. Not sure who came up with this system but i predict it will need to be changed. I guess i have to go back to the 70's then and get out some paper and a pen and write to the tax office.
  • Cannot process tax refund inside my government gateway personal tax account

    Good Afternoon, i can get into my self assessment account via the government gateway. I completed my 2021-22 tax year self assessment and a refund is due. I note the system has changed. You now have to fill in a form to request the refund. The form wants me to validate my ID using TWO of the following which i do not have. 1) a current uk passport - I dont have one 2) a P60 - i am retired - so not applicable to me 3) a Northern ireland driving license - i have a British driving licence 4) Credit ref questions - i could probably answer these The form then directs me to support as it cannot validate my identity - very odd given i am in my tax account ? I have contacted online support and on the phone multiple times and been cut off without response. How do i proceed with this please, is there another way to validate my ID or a paper method to request the tax refund ? Thank you