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  • RE: non resident capital gain tax

    Hi, thanks for your reply, however, according to HMRC guidance below, it says the reporting the tax due date are all based on the 60 days of the completion date, it is my understanding that the property deed is formally transferred on completion of the conveyance 11 April 2021, not on exchange of contract, therefore it should be declared in 2021/22. So why a different basis is used o assess in 2020/21 when it comes to the declaration in self-assessment? Your clarification is much appreciated. 
  • Hong Kong Property disposal - double tax treaty

    I moved to UK from Hong Kong in Aug 2021 and I am UK resident during 2021/22. I disposed a Hong Kong Residential Property in Oct 2021. According to UK and Hong Kong double tax treaty article 13, the gain from the disposal of immovable property is taxed in the country where the property is located. Is it correct to understand that the gain is only taxable in Hong Kong and is not subject UK tax at all and there no tax due on the remittance of proceeds to the UK as well?
  • non resident capital gain tax

    I am non UK resident, I disposed a UK residential property with completion date 11 April 2021 and contract exchange date on 02 April 2021, spanning over two tax years 2020/21 and 2021/22. I submitted capital gain real time reporting online and paid tax in May 2021 with some provisional value used for computation of gain. My understanding is that as the completion date is within tax year 2021/22 so I need to declare them in self assessment tax return tax year 2021/22. I am now finalizing the figures and want to make some amendment of the original capital gain return submitted in May 21 online. However, the online CGT reporting system suggests the amendment window is closed. It appears that it counts the transaction as taking place in 2020/21 . My questions are whether I should just declare the final figure within self assessment tax return 2021/22 and no need to amend online CGT report? And should I actually need to submit amended self assessment for 2020/21 reporting the gain, in which case i would be treated as omission error?