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  • UTR delay causing Tax-Return delay amid Travel uncertainties

    Hi , I registered for a UTR by post and instead of waiting 10 days, i ended up having to wait almost 3 weeks for a response. The response itself claimed that my address was wrong and after chatting with an agent online it was finally corrected and i was told to wait another 3 weeks to finally/hopefully get my I have coupke of issues i would love some help with : 1) since the 31st OCT is the deadline for HMRC receiving Self-assessment documents by post,i doubt i can make the deadline. The penalties seem draconian too... 2) Also...i need to leave the country by 28th NOV for an indefinite amount of time...if there are any documents/penalties for late payment sent to me by post right before or after this date....there is no way for me to know and the penalty would accumulate right? there a way for HMRC to send me stuff by email rather than post...surely this is not asking much? I can't register for UTR / Self-assessment online since i do not have the required documents. Help please!
  • No reponse after applying for self assessment via post

    Hullo, i sent off the self-assessment registration form via post on the 13th of september and have not heard anything since...since i have never done this before there seems to be a deadline coming up on the 5th october.....what should i do??
  • Registering using paper form & personal tax accounts

    Hullo, i am in the process of registering for self-assessment for the first time . I shall be printing out the form and mailing it via post to HMRC. Am i understanding correctly that within 10 days i shall receive my UTR by post and that with this number i can register a personal tax account as an EU-passport-holder without other UK documents like drivers license,etc? Within this personal tax account will i be able to do the following online : 1)report dividends 2) report capital gains 3) report interest income ? thank you
  • Registering for self assessment by print&post for the first time and Dividend income

    Hello, I have received some dividend income from investments made in the previous tax year (April 2021 - April 2022). I have never filed for self-assessment before and need to do so by post since i do not meet the online registration criteria (uk passport,license,etc) When entering details in this form ( , there is a question : "Have you been getting taxable foreign dividends in excess of £300 a year or any amount of other taxable income?" Should i answer yes if i have received dividend income from UK stocks? Do they count as "other taxable income"? Thanks!
  • RE: Registrations & Self-Assessment Website Revamp in July?

    oh that's all ? i still need to use paper forms.... :-(
  • Registrations & Self-Assessment Website Revamp in July?

    Hullo! I have been putting of registering for self-assessment since i read from this forum that HMRC are planning to update the way one can register in July this year. Currently, for those of us who do not satisfy the conditions for online registrations (uk passport ,driving license,etc), the only options available are 1) print out the physical form,send it to the HMRC and wait for UTR by post or 2) contact helpdesk by phone once the above has been completed and equipped with the UTR , we can fill in a self-assessment form by hand and send by post. I was wondering if there was any news regarding the supposed updates to the registration process online. Will us non-uk passportholders that do not satisfy the conditions for online registration finally be able to do everything online after the update? Thank you!
  • RE: First time registration questions & capital gains summary

    thank you, this is all a little counter intuitive...why not let everyone post online? if it can be done by mail, surely the website can be updated to enable online submissions.
  • RE: First time registration questions & capital gains summary

    Thank you, Just to be clear, Since i do not satisfy the identity-verification requirements of the Government Gateway Account , I need to either contact the helpdesk OR print/fill-out/send the registration form. Once i receive a UTR in the post, i can submit SA + Capital Gains Summary online ? Or would they have to be printed out and sent physically as letters? Regards.
  • RE: First time registration questions & capital gains summary

    Thank you for your help, There was mention of the internet registrations portals to be changed around june/july this year. Can you tell us something about what changes there will be ? As a non-UK passport holder,I cannot register online for a UTR....will the updated system change this? It is really strange to have to print out pages and fill them by hand when everything is computerised anyways... Thanks.
  • RE: First time registration questions & capital gains summary

    Thank you for your response, Would you recommend waiting until June/July for the supposed reworking of the registration process or should I contact HMRC by post now to register for self-assessment instead? Is there any information pertinent to non-UK passport holders? Are the computation sheets necessary for all investments in stocks/cryptocurrencies? Thank you.