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  • RE: Child benefit credits

    Hi HMRC community, Please, can you help answer or direct me to the right solution of our problem we are facing? My partner has been 1 year on maternity leave and than she was receiving child benefits. She has currently moved back to Czech Republic with a our child. Before she moved, she cancelled child benefits, so she could make a claim in Czech republic, where she is going to live from now on. She is being asked by national pension office for a statement how much of maternity and child benefits she has been payed, so state pension can calculate the amount she is eligible from czech system. I tried to call HMRC but can’t pass the automated system, as there is no option for my scenario. Please, could you advise, how to obtain statement of total amount we have received? Thank you Regards 
  • RE: Paid Voluntary NI contribution - Pension Forecast online has still not been updated?

    Hi admin, Please could someone assist my, why the gap in my voluntarily NI contribution hasn’t been updated? I called the helpline, I was give the reference number and payed to be gap to be filled on 2nd May. It’s over a 8 weeks and the records are still showing gap in NI contributions? Thank you
  • RE: U1 Form

    Hi Admin, I’m planning moving back to Czechia after 11 years of living in Uk. The local authority are requesting U1 form as confirmation of insurance contribution. I have checked all information on GOV website and I’d like to know, how long does it take in average to get statement if is application submitted online? And my 2nd question would be, is the statement sent via post or emailed? If by post, what address is used for posting the statement? The last UK residental address or it can’t be defined during application and it can be sent abroad? Thank you for your time for reply.