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  • RE: High bills

    Thanks - I think what I am looking for is an independent way of checking and predicting how much I will be billed, taking account of everything that affects this, including tax charged "on account". I should not be asking HMRC to do this.
  • RE: High bills

    So should I take it that the answers to my questions are both "No"?
  • RE: High bills

    I see that the calculation given when I submit my Self Assessment return does not take account of "payments on account" that I may have made already. Is there a way of obtaining a calculation that does take account of these? I have read the guidance you refer to, but I am not much the wiser as to where I stand. It may be that this explains the apparent 40% figure.
  • High bills

    When I look at the calculation for this year and last year I seem to be paying tax at 40% of my earned income which is less than £10,000, I have pensions but my total income is a lot less than £50,000. Is there a detailed calculation available? I give to charity using Gift Aid which may have something to do with it. I also do not understand tax paid "on account" - do I ever get the money back?