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  • Freelancer overseas - tax return required?

    Hi HMRC Do freelancers living and paying tax aboard (non-residents) have to submit a UK tax return if they provide services remotely for a UK company? I've read the info on the website but it's not totally clear. Thanks in advance.
  • RE: Clarity for British freelancer based in Colombia

    Hello. Yes, I have read this many times, but I'm still unclear. Please can you offer a bit more information?! I've looked at other posts on this forum, and the responses are usually far more detailed.
  • Clarity for British freelancer based in Colombia

    Hello HMRC I live in Colombia, and I am considered a tax resident here. I am a freelancer, and I currently have a contract with a UK company. The money I earn is paid in full to my UK bank account, which I then transfer to my account in Colombia, I also have an alphabet share in a UK company, and I receive an annual dividend. Do I have to submit a UK tax return to reflect the income and/or the dividend? Do I have to pay tax on these in the UK? Would any of the above change if the money was paid directly into my Colombian account rather into my UK account? I spoke to HMRC on the phone and I was told that I do not need to submit a tax return or pay tax in the UK; however, everything I read online suggests otherwise. Please advise. Thanks in advance!