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  • RE: VAT Registration delay

    I am calling the registration team on 0300 322 7870 as suggested, but the answer message says they are closed. It is 8.08am on a Mondy morning and they are meant to start answering calls at 8.00am. What is going on? I am still trying desperately to get my company VAT number since August 2022??
  • RE: VAT Registration delay

    We are also soon approaching our VAT cycle and still waiting for a VAT number. So once we eventually get the VAT number (I won't hold my breath!) we will no doubt be late submitting our VAT return, also once we do receive a VAT number from HMRC we will have a substantial backlog of bookkeeping to input on our accounts software. This is a mess! All options provided to chase HMRC are useless and not fit for purpose. So like many other businesses we are stuck unable to proceed in a professional manner.
  • RE: VAT Registration delay

    HMRC Admin 17 Thank you for your reply and the link to follow the correct procedure. I have called the registration unit but only been told the date that we should have received our VAT number, not when we may actually get it.
  • VAT Registration delay

    Hi, we applied for a new VAT number to HMRC for our company that started in July 2022 and we are still waiting for our VAT number. HMRC state there is a lengthy delay but can't say how long the delay is or when we will receive our VAT number. Is anyone else experiencing this please? We are having to raise net invoices and tell clients that a VAT invoice will follow, which does not give a professional look!