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  • Costs in 'UK Property 37 - Replacing domestic items' not counted towards expenses?

    Where are my costs in 'UK Property 37 - Cost of replacing domestic items' accounted for in my tax calculations? I have replaced some domestic items, and recorded them in box 'UK Property 37 '. I expected this to be included as part of my expenses, but it hasn't. So it has not deducted it from my property Income and means that my taxable profit is higher than I expected. Where are these costs in 'UK Property 37' accounted for?
  • Why does it want me to pay the full 2020/21 amount due when my account says I am in credit???

    I am really confused. Why is my 2020/21 View Statement telling me I have to pay( by Jan 31 ) the full amount of 2020/21 tax I owe plus a payment on account (presumably a pre-pay for the tax Year 2021/22). Yet in Jan 2021 I already paid my 2019/20 bill, plus the first payment of what I thought was half the 'on account' payment you thought would be due for 2020/21, and then I also as required made a second payment Jul 2021. I I thought these were pre-payments for the tax year 2020/21. But at the same time my Statement says I am in already in credit to the value of one of those payments and asks if I want a repayment! Why, when I have already made prepayments for 2020/21, am I now supposed to pay on Jan 31 the full amount of tax calculated as due for 2020/21, plus the first 2021/22 on-account prepayment? Why I have I paid money on account and am in credit, yet the system is telling me I have to pay the whole amount all over again?