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  • P45 and P85 forms

    Dear all, I have left the UK last year, have already received the P45 form from my employer and am about to complete the P85 form too. The end of the P85 form also asks me to attach parts 2 and 3 of the P45, however am a bit confused about Part 3 (New employee details - for completion by new employer). I guess Part 3 of the P45 should only be completed if I moved to another UK-based employer, but if I moved abroad, I don't think it makes sense to complete/attach, does it? Or can I just attach the whole P45 (with all 3 sides) for to the P85 - even if the last page hasn't been completed (New employee details)? Thank you.
  • P85 form: Tax refund to UK bank account

    Dear all, I am owed some tax refund to be settled by HMRC after having left the UK and I am about to complete the P85 form. The form asks where to pay the tax refund. Since I still have a UK bank account, can I just ask the refund to be transferred to this account? I am a bit confused about the cheque mentioned... Which option should I select? ' Option one: pay cheque to Uk bank or building society' or Option 2: 'pay by cheque direct to me or my nominee'. It is the second one I believe I should choose right? Since I am the account owner, no nominee is needed. However I don't understand why a cheque is needed in this case if I still possess a live and valid Uk account? Can I just give my bank account details on the form or should I also choose 'make the cheque payable to me'? The form also asks, 'please tell us the address to send the cheque to'... since I have no UK addess anymore, can I give my foreign address?Also, under the bank details, which branch's address shoudl I give? Any branches in London are fine or the central (HQ) address of the bank should be given here? Thank you for your help.