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  • RE: Tax on Insurance Aboard

    Sorry! So you mean even my family members did not move to UK, and they are not UK residents. Because they are the policy holder and beneficiary of the insurance, of which I'm, as an insured person, UK resident. My family members still subject to tax for any benefits arising from that insurance?
  • Personal Tax if I don't stay in UK, but my children do

    Hi, I want to know, if I apply BNO Visa, and my children are dependent to come. Supposed they are free to study here. However, if I then leave UK and just leave my children here. As I won't stay in UK, I don't need to pay any tax, right? Or, I still need to pay tax, because my dependent children are enjoying the free study in UK? Thanks!
  • Tax on Insurance Aboard

    Hi, I'm thinking to move to UK. Just wondering, if I’m a UK resident and there is a foreign insurance (on sickness and disability), of which I’m the insured person. However, such insurance was bought by my sister (who is the policy holder) and the beneficiary is my mother. My sister and mother are non-UK domicile resident. May I know if I got sickness and disability and insurance company compensate my sister or my mother (recipient). Do they need to pay any tax? Or, if my mother and I died earlier than my sister (both insured person and beneficiary died earlier than the policy holder), and my sister (recipient) will become the successor. Will she be liable for any tax? Income tax or IHT? Thanks in advance for your assistance.