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  • SRT - family tie (RDRM13320)

    I am UK-resident because according to SRT ties, I spent over 120 days in UK and have accommodation and work tie. But my husband spent 93 days only in UK and met accommodation and work tie only - should he answer "yes" for family tie or he should ignore the family tie according to,make%20someone%20conclusively%20UK%20resident. "However, because the family tie only exists because of their relevant relationship, the tie can be ignored." Both of us are not UK-resident in any of previous 3 years. Thanks, Kwan
  • Split year treatment - if my income is over £100,000 before split-year treatment

    I am qualified as Split Year treatment - I am non-UK-resident before Oct 21 and only become UK-resident between Oct 21 and Apr 22. However, 1. My income is over £100,000 from Apr 21 to Apr 22 (non-resident part + resident part) 2. But if count for resident part only, it is less than £100,000 (Oct 21 to Apr 22) Do I still need to submit Tax return to apply/declare I am qualified as Split Year treatment? Thanks
  • tax advisor - company registered on ACCA - qualified and met HMRC standards?

    May I ask if the tax advisor company registered on ACCA - can I expect that the company has met HMRC standards as agent? (standard: Thanks Kwan
  • PAYE Income tax overview

    I paid tax before am given the salary by my company. I just setup my personal tax account but I find that the PAYE Income Tax overview saying the tax is not calculated yet. Where I can see the total / records of income tax I paid every month in my personal tax account? Thanks Kwan
  • Tax advisor

    I would like to have a tax advisor to help clarify tax / legal terms. May I ask if there is any certificate for a tax advisor to prove they has qualified and sufficient knowledge to confirm with HMRC? Thanks
  • SRT: Work tie

    Regarding to SRT Work tie (RDRM11560) , if I am in UK but my work is full time employed by Hong Kong (not related to UK), should I answer "No" for this question/tie in SRT? Thanks
  • Residency - SRT - definition of "work in UK"

    In SRT, when being asked by "work in UK", is it meaning "work and employed in UK"? My situation is that I am in UK now but being employed in oversea (Hong Kong). Thanks