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  • Cannot access my self assessment with my new UTR

    I took out an IVA in 2020. My old self assessment account was closed down (apparently-however still accessible online) and I was sent a new UTR in April after months of asking for it. I have been told to file all future returns and make payments using my new UTR. However it won’t recognise me online and I am about to get locked out. I had to pay using automated phone line but I am panicking as it can’t find my account online so I am worried I’ve paid £300 to someone else’s account? I have tried calling but always busy. I managed to start a chat with an advisor on Monday only to get cut off as my session timed out. I’ve tried sending a message for a new account? However I just can’t understand what the problem is?
  • RE: UTR number and repayment

    Hi, I am also having trouble with my UTR. I am on an IVA so my UTR was changed. Although no one told me until about a month ago. I have been given a new one and told to make payments and submit my tax returns using this new UTR. However it is not recognised when I try and log in. Still showing my old UTR and tax account. I ended up paying using the automated phone number. However I am panicking as it can’t find my HMRC self assessment account yet I’ve been sent letters and mail telling me to use the new one. Not the old one. I can’t change it on here. I can’t see if my payment has been added to my new account and I can’t ever get through on the phone!