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  • RE: [PAYROLL DIRECT DEBIT] Earliest payment date allowed by system is after deadline

    For anyone reading this post - perhaps Google may index it - the advice from my accountant is that direct debit payments probably shouldn't be used for payroll because of this issue. (Direct debits for payroll are not what they seem anyway as they are not automated , removing most of the advantage of using a direct debit over bank transfers.) It is likely but not certain that HMRC will revert the interest it has charged and what this boils down to is another of HRMC's problems with displaying incomplete or misleading information in online systems. The tragedy of this is that it wastes everyones' time and HRMC's time too which it can ill afford with call lines reportedly understaffed. An easy fix to this issue would simply to display a prominent disclaimer on the direct debit screen.
  • [PAYROLL DIRECT DEBIT] Earliest payment date allowed by system is after deadline

    I've been paying our PAYE using direct debit however for the two most recent payroll payments this year (month 2 and month 3), when making the payment and selecting the date, the system allowed that "the earliest possible payment date is 25 July". This is course after the deadline of 22 July and now even though the payments have been taken, the sums are being reported as overdue until HMRC recognises the payments in its system (up to 7 days) and interest is being charged. This seems a bit unjust! How could I rectify this?