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  • RE: Mileage records

    My company are still insisting that a daily private miles record is kept for all days the car does NOT make any business journeys. I am happy to keep details of all my business journeys of course so the business mileage is correctly recorded. Does HMRC require, or is there any legal reason for my company to insist, that I keep daily private mileage records?
  • RE: Mileage records

    Thanks for these references. They are useful. They state that I don't pay tax on the fuel purchased for private use if I reimburse my company, which I do via a salary deduction. What they don't cover is the details I must record so this is correctly managed. My company is asking for details of every private journey. Is this correct and necessary for HMRC records?
  • Mileage records

    My company is moving to a fuel card for all company car fuel purchases. This means it will effectively pay for my private fuel up front but I will then pay this back by salary deduction at the end of every month. The company is asking for detailed records of every private journey. I am already keeping detailed records of every business journey and had assumed that the balance need not be detailed as it was the private element. The company is saying that HMRC require the private mileage journey details also. Is this correct? What actual details do HMRC require please?