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  • Money received from abroad as gift

    Hi HMRC, My father in law wants to gift me some money from India. Do I need to pay tax on this in UK? Thanks
  • Capital gains tax

    Hi HMRC, I have some share investments in India, I made a loss of £24000 in the year 2020-21 and loss of £5000 in the year 2021-22. I am planning to hold on to these shares for some more time and plan to sell it in 2 years time. If I do make any gains at the time , will I be able to offset the loss I incurred in the years 2020-21 and 2021- 22 against the gains I make in 2024-25. How many years one can carry over the losses to offset any capital gains. thanks
  • RE: Gfiting land abroad

    Just wanted to add some more details to the above post: My parents are Indian citizens and are tax resident in India. By gifting the land back to them I would not be earning any income Thanks
  • Gfiting land abroad

    Hi, I am resident in UK for tax purposes. I have a land in my name in India. This was gifted to me by my parents many years ago. Now I would like to gift this land back to them. Is there any UK tax implication for me on this. Thanks