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  • RE: Speed of loading of Mac version of PAYE Tools

    But it is not half as complex as many applications that load in the blink of an eye. I just don't accept that explanation, it has to be some artificial timeouts built into the software. PAYE Tools is unique amongst Mac software in its incredibly long load time, at least 10 times as long as anything else.
  • Speed of loading of Mac version of PAYE Tools

    Can anyone tell me why the Mac version of PAYE Tools takes the best part of a minute to load. This is ridiculous and has been like this for as long as I can remember (at least 8 years). I raised this self same issue at least 4 years ago and was fobbed off by saying it takes all that time to load the data file. I have 3 employees and a data file size of 7MB. I can load the Apple Photos app on my Mac (which has a file size of 100GB and contains 25,000 items) in less than 2 seconds. I was also told previously that it must be a poor internet connection which is a complete red herring as the app will load with the internet connection switched off. It has to be poor programming, there must be timeouts that are set for some reason and the software waits for them to expire. I can't understand why the programming team is not utterly embarrassed by their work.
  • Why does the Mac version of PAYE Tools take so long to start up

    Why on earth does the Mac version take something like 45 seconds to load the app. It has been like this for at least 6 years. I run vastly more complicated applications than this on the Mac that load up in a split second. There is obviously some sloppy programming code somewhere waiting on an unnecessary timeout or something like that.