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  • Overpayment

    Hi My employer is stating I was overpaid whilst on maternity as they never put me down as going in maternity leave. They are staying that spring £12000 needs to be repaid. We receive universal credit. Due to the payment error this means we will be left short as such because we would have had the additional funds from UC. (We would be owed about £8000 from universal credit) Employer has refused to send an amendment to Hmrc of what I should have be paid so that uc can change the payments their end and help with the overpayment so it can be repaid. They said they can’t do this as it would be “fraudulent”. I have asked them to send the letter and information they sent me but they have still refused. Is there a way for me to send through the letter and overpayment summary and actual/should have been payment summary so that this can be changed. This also means I have paid a full year of tex and national insurance when I should not of. So my contributions are incorrect. Thank you for your help.