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  • RE: Bonus tax new financial year

    Thanks for confirming, would you be able to confirm if I don't get any additional bonus/commission how much I'd be owed. My calculations are £2800.00, and if that is the case would I get paid an extra 1/12 for the remaining months ie. £233.00 or would it increase to more at some point as I fall out?
  • Bonus tax new financial year

    Hi all My annual base salary is £35k, this April I received a £12.5k bonus/commission and ended up getting paid £7.5k after tax. Having used various online tax calculators they seem to note I could be taxed an extra £2.8k due to being above the monthly (but not yearly) threshold, the numbers seem to add up exactly, I think I’ve been over taxed. My tax code hasn’t changed though. Is that correct and how would I go about getting the extra money? Hopefully I don’t have to now wait until next April, seems a bit unfair. I have read online it might come through the next pay slips but any idea in what portions if so, and do I need to let my employer or HMRC know? Thanks !