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  • SE return expected?

    I am a pensioner with state pension and a small property investment return. As my income is below allowance level I was sent a "Withdrawing notice to File"letter in 2019, and was told that this would carry over unless my circumstances changed. I went online 2 months ago to check my situation and was issued a new reference number. I completed the questionnaire as to whether SE return required, which indicated that no submission was required. Since then I am getting emails from HMRC regarding help with filling out SE, is this indicative that a return is expected? My personal tax page indicates nothing about a return being due.... can I assume that I do not need to submit unless circumstances change?
  • Submit return, or not?

    I am a pensioner with an additional small income from the let of a property I part own. I completed SE for some years, but as my total income was way below taxable amount I was sent a "withdrawing a notice to file" letter 3 years ago. HMRC confirmed that this would be ongoing unless significant change to my income occurred. My situation remains unchanged, although I have completed a capital transaction in excess of £50,000 but with capital gain below annual allowance..... as the rules state that a declaration is only required if over 3 times allowance AND if a SE return is submitted, can I safely assume that no return is necessary?
  • RE: selling holiday home abroad

    I therefore applied for self assessment, but now find that the HMRC internal manual states: You still need to report your gains in your tax return if both of the following apply: the total amount you sold the assets for was more than 4 times your allowance you’re registered for Self Assessment As it appears that the transaction will be more or less neutral / or well within allowances then it indicates that should I have not asked for SA then no action is required..... can I now cancel SA and need not report?
  • foreign travel to transact sale of holiday home

    In pursuit of the sale of a holiday home abroad, can I claim reasonable but necessary travel cost to promote and effect completion of the transaction? I have also had to travel there to render the property into a marketable state, (which of course will enhance a selling price.) can I include this under 'improvement costs'?
  • selling holiday home abroad

    I propose selling a property abroad, it is my holiday home and never produced any revenue. Market price today is probably below that at acquisition; will I need to make a return or inform hmit if no gain made?