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  • RE: ?Unexpected tax refund?

    I spoke to HMRC yesterday. The very helpful young man I spoke to says I’ve now paid the exact right amount of tax for this year (as long as I don’t work again this tax year, which I won’t), and that the refund is mine to keep. He says I’ll receive a letter confirming this in the next couple of weeks. So that was a nice surprise, a bit of spending money!
  • RE: ?Unexpected tax refund?

    Hi . Thank you so much for your reply. You’ve explained what I thought has happened so well. I will phone HMRC today as I don’t know when I’ll be working again. I was in a full time - non locum post before with a salary of around 42k, but left on 10/11. The unexpected £581 would be very welcome if it’s really mine as I’m a bit skint at present. Thanks again.
  • ?Unexpected tax refund?

    I probably need to actually contact HMRC for this but I just thought I'd ask & see if anyone knows what's happening. I left my last job in November last year & haven't earned anything since. Last week I did two days of locum work & I was paid today. I expected to get around £300. but actually got nearly £900. Upon examining my payslip, I see that I have been given back £581 in tax - ie the "Tax" amount is -581. Why? is it because I have already paid too much tax somehow? I really don't understand! Any ideas? Thanks