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  • Private youtube video

    While filing my SA, under the 'Underpaid tax included in PAYE coding (Page 1 of 2)' section, it is said: > Watch a short YouTube video on underpaid Tax and PAYE. The youtube video in question ( is unavailable: > Video unavailable > This video is private Can this be fixed?
  • CGT gain/loss on withheld RSUs

    Let's assume I'm being granted 100 RSUs every year as part of my compensation. On vesting day, my employer will use the previous day closing price to calculate the tax liability and withhold 54.59% to cover taxes (personal income tax, employee NIC, employer NIC). When my employer _actually_ sells the shares to cover the tax liability, the price will most likely differ from the previous day's closing price, let's see an example: * previous day closing price = 30 GBP * how much tax needs to be paid to cover taxes? 100 * 30 * 54.59% = 1637.7 GBP * when my employer actually sells the shares, the price has moved to 28GBP, as such my employer will need to sell 1637.7/28 = 58.5 shares * my employer then sells 59 shares * the proceeds from the extra .5 share will be returned to me through normal payroll * I end up owning 41 shares with a 30GBP/share cost basis My question however is whether I can claim a CGT loss on the 59 sold shares since the price moved from 30GBP to 28GBP? ie. can I claim a loss of 59 * (30 - 28) = 118GBP?