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  • RE: Interest in UK bank account

    Thanks for your reply. I have sent my self assessment on 18 September, but I still haven't got my UTR number, would you please advise how can I know HMRC get my application and how to check the process? Thanks.
  • RE: Interest in UK bank account

    Hello, thanks for your reply. Do you mean it should be included as untaxed income that cannot be collected through my PAYE tax code? I am currently waiting for the UTR number, do I need to revise my self assessment form? Or just directly send related tax returns form later on when I get UTR number? Thanks.
  • Interest in UK bank account

    Hello, may I know if the interest gained on UK saving account need to be file in tax returns? It is about £10-20. If yes, which form should I fill in? And do I need to mention on self assessment? Can I revise the self assessment if I miss to make a check (x) in the form? Thanks.
  • RE: Penalty

    Hello, thank you for your reply. Sorry, I should make it clear on my question. I would like to know if I send the paper tax returns before 31/10/2022, however, HMRC needs time to calculate my tax amount and send me the tax letter after 31/10/2022 to inform the amount that I need to pay, under this circumstance, would I get penalty? Or as long as I sent the paper tax returns before 31/10/2022, HMRC must send the tax letter to me before 31/10/2022 to let me pay before the deadline? Thank you.
  • Penalty

    Hello. I have registered for my first time Self Assessment recently (mid of September 2022), since I have applied for split year and I just realised that I have to fill in SA109 and it cannot be filed online by myself and I have to send it by post later on. As I am still waiting for the UTR and hopefully it would be received on mid of October 2022. The deadline of paper tax returns is on 31 October 2022. In such case, will I get any penalties if I send the tax returns by post on or before 31 October 2022, but HMRC comes back with me after 31 October 2022 and I paid the tax after 31 October 2022? Thank you.