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  • Mileage and business travel exp. in the same time

    Can I book business travel expenses and mileage in the same time? A company employee went on a business travel to Paris. He travelled from his place of residence to Paris by private car. Can he account for mileage and business travel expenses at the same time?
  • Software development amortisation

    My IT company is working on a new application. For this reason, I am using the services of another company to help me develop the code. My company is receiving high cost invoices of several thousand pounds per month for the work of the programmers. Questions: 1. should I am amortizing these costs for tax purposes? 2. Is the approach of determining the useful life of the application and amortizing for tax purposes over the useful life. Is it correct? 3. I anticipate that the app will be profitable for 10 years. Is it possible to shorten the amortisation period? I would appreciate your help.
  • Structures and buildings allowance before 2018

    I have read the guide "Claiming capital allowances for structures and buildings. It describes the buildings allowances for agreements signed after 29 October 2018. What about notarial contracts signed earlier? A LTD company has purchased a property in Poland. The notarial contract was signed before 29 October 2018. Is the company entitled to corporation tax deductions in this case? If so, on what terms.