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  • RE: Tax on overseas interest

    Thank you. On a related but seperate note, could you advise on the following if there was a realises capital gain on overseas investments (unit trusts , funds) (for E.g £500) and a realised capital loss on a seperate investment (for E.g £700) : a) Can the gain and loss be net off ? b) Where should these be reported on the return ? Thank you.
  • RE: Tax on overseas interest

    Thanks for your response. On the basis that I am UK resident / Non domiciled / Filing on arising basis , could you advise on which section this interest should be filled in , would this be on SA100 TR3? Thanks.
  • Tax on overseas interest

    Hi, I do not normally file a self assessment as all my UK income is PAYE and I have not been asked to do a self assessment. I have some small overseas income for 21/22 which is purely in the form of interest but would fall within my savings allowance of £500. Do I need to do a self assessment as it is likely there would be no tax to be paid on this ? Thanks. Thanks.