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  • Student Loan and Postgraduate Loan repayments

    Hello! I'm currently filling out my Self Assesment, and have gotten to the above mentioned section for an Income Contingent Loan, asking me for the amount of Student Loan repayments deducted by my employer. On my relevant P60, the space for student loan deductions is blank (which I think is consistent as I believe I was under the threshold for repayment at my employment). Would I be correct in understanding that this means for "Enter the amount of Student Loan repayments deducted by your employer", I would enter in '0'? Additionally, towards the end of the financial tax year, I received some payment through self-employment, does this have any affect on this section, and if so, is there anywhere I could reference further details on what I would need to action on this? Many thanks!
  • RE: Self-employed and foreign income

    Sorry to be a pain! With that response and after looking into some similar questions, am I right in understanding that this *wouldn't* be declared as foreign income, if I haven't paid any foreign tax? Instead I would just declare this just as self employed income per normal?
  • RE: Self-employed and foreign income

    This is my first time filling out a self-assessment, so even a point in the right direction would be very helpful!
  • Self-employed and foreign income

    I'm a UK national and resident working as a freelance artist for a US company. I am paid in GBP via a bank transfer and do *not* pay US tax on my income there. While filling out my self-assessment, I am unsure how this would be classed in the foreign income section. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.