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  • 2021 tax overpayment due to me

    I submitted my self assessment return early January. I am owed over £5000 in overpayment of taxes from HMRC. I submitted the documents required online to request a repayment. I now go out and see this as a credit on my online account. I want this money back and am wondering how long it will take for me to receive this. Thank you.
  • RSU Tax

    I received some shares through a RSU scheme (UK citizen working for US company). When the shares vested, half were sold (47%) to pay for the tax and the other shares are in my account (not sold). The income from the total RSU remittance shows up on my P60 but not the tax paid. e.g. an extra £28k for the shares added to my salary on my P60 but the tax I paid to the US is not on my P60. Therefore, when I complete my self assessment I'm getting a 10k tax bill. Where do I put the tax I paid in the US on my self assessment? I keep seeing it's in 'Foreign tax paid' but they also want 'Foreign income' so do I put the RSU income there (even though it's on my P60 already) and then the tax paid? Thank you.