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  • RE: Reporting savings interest

    Hello, various replies by HMRC on this thread confirm that banks will tell HMRC the interests their customers have earned. However, it is January now and I don't see any info on my Personal Tax Account about the interest I earned in 2022-2023, and the deadline to do self-assessment is approaching. I'm not sure if that's because I'm a new immigrant. I've asked my bank and from their staff and from their online information, I see that I should inform HMRC myself of the interest received. What should I do and how can I see what interest amounts have been reported to HMRC, to facilitate my cross-checking? Another thing I'd like to ask is that I have one foreign time deposit from Apr to June 2022 (2-month deposit), It matured on June 28, 2022 but I immigrated to the UK on June 26, 2022. Should I report the whole of the interest received for the 2-month deposit, or calculate three days' interest on a pro-rata basis, for June 26-28? Similarly for my accounts that pay monthly interests at the end of the month, should I declare the whole of June's interest or only the interest from June 26, my 1st day in the UK? I would appreciate your answers. Thank you very much.
  • RE: New immigrant to UK (non tax resident first year) but worked in a PAYE job

    Hello, thank you very much for the reply above. May I ask some follow-up questions? 1. After submitting the SA109 form, will I be notified whether I can claim split-year treatment? How long does it take for me to know? 2. If I need to have approval to claim split-year treatment, does it mean I have to wait till I’ve got my approval before I can file my self-assessment on the HMRC website (otherwise I would not know whether to report some income)? Do we normally need to submit SA109 before filing self-assessment on the HMRC website? 3. Am I correct that if I file my self-assessment online on the HMRC website, I must also submit SA109 online but not in hard copy? If so, can I use a software just for SA109 but not for the main self-assessment (as I already filled out some parts of the form on the HRMC website). 4. When is the deadline to submit SA109? Is submitting it now for 2022-2023 too late? 5. If I don't claim remittance basis, am I supposed to leave the Domicile and Remittance Basis sections of SA109 blank? Thank you in advance for your kind advice!
  • RE: New immigrant to UK (non tax resident first year) but worked in a PAYE job

    Hello, in an answer above, it is stated that: "When you complete your 2023 tax return, you should declare all worldwide (ie both UK and overseas) income received *AFTER YOU ARRIVED IN THE UK*, including any overseas interest received following your arrival in the UK." I have a related question and would be grateful for advice. I immigrated to the UK on June 26, 2022. Before that, I was not a tax resident (had been living in my original country). I have overseas interest so will file a self assessment for 2022-2023. May I ask if I only need to declare the interest received from June 26, 2022 onwards, i.e. no need to declare the interests gained from Apr 6 to June 25, 2022? Does split-year treatment apply to me? I've read the info on the HMRC website and it seems that the info is not specifically about people newly immigrating to the UK, so I am not sure if I need to fill out any form or do anything to apply for split-year treatment, or is it OK for me to just declare the interest received after my arrival in my self assessment return. Thank you in advance for your advice.