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  • VAT refunds for DIY housebuilders, claim form for new houses

    We are currently completing a DIY vat refund. Our house is in Northern Ireland and we have bought goods (tiles/stone etc) in the ROI and have been charged ROI vat. Can you advise if this can be claimed on our DIY vat claim. Do we convert the ROI vat to sterling on the date of the invoice and include same on Section D of the claim?
  • Services In ROI

    A UK vat registered business is pricing a kitchen for an ROI vat registered customer. Can you advise if this comes under the general b - b rule or is this type of work classed as land related and the vat treatment is different. Also if they install the kitchen in the ROI is this outscope the scope of UK vat and are they required to register for ROI vat?
  • Vat Registration

    We wish to seek clarification if we are required to register for VAT. We commenced trading as a cafe and are renting the business premises/eqipment etc. The owner of the premises is not charging us vat on the rental. There has been a seven to eight month break in trade from the last tenant who also ran a cafe. He was not vat registered. Can you clarify if and when we will be required to register for VAT.
  • Vat claim on bad debt

    Our client has raised a number of sales invoices to a limited company within the last six months, worth approximately £300K gross (vat on same approx £50k). The limited company to which our client raised the sales invoices to has subsequently went into liquidation within the last month. Our understanding from HMRC legislation is that in order to reclaim vat on bad debts the earlier of the invoice date/payable due date must be greater than six months and less that 4 1/2 years. In the event that our cllent has the necessary paperwork to confirm that the company has went into liquidation can they now reclaim the vat in full regardless of the six months has yet to elapse.

    Our client is UK vat registered and is selling goods to a ROI vat regisered company. The goods are being paid via a UK finance company and they are asking our client to invoice them re same. Is this now a standard rated sale?
  • RE: Service to EU business that is not vat registered

    Thank you.
  • Service to EU business that is not vat registered

    We are UK vat registered and complete safety inspections & issue certificates regarding plant/equipment. This service is carried out in the ROI. If this work is completed for a business who is not registered for VAT in the ROI what are the VAT implications. Is no vat chargeable and does this be included in BOX 6 of the vat return only.