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  • RE: Have not received rebate.

    Thanks for the reply. On the letter I received on the 19th June, it said it had already gone through security and my documents had already been checked and everything was fine.
  • RE: Have not received rebate.

    Yes mate, went through security then got a letter saying I’d receive it within 7-10 working days on the 19th June.. Still nothing
  • Have not received rebate.

    I completed my self assessment on the 6th April, received a letter saying they needed my bank statements etc to prove what I had put down. Got a letter through the post on the 19th June saying my rebate would be in my account within 7-10 days. I still haven’t received my rebate, does anyone know why this could be or what the waiting time is at the moment as it’s been 9 weeks since I got that letter. Thanks
  • RE: Tax rebate disappeared.

    Yeah I ended up calling them and they said they had sent me a letter saying they want to see my bank statements and CIS statement, they said the letter could take 2 weeks to arrive.
  • Tax rebate disappeared.

    I’ve been checking my tax rebate status daily and it’s been saying pending. Today I have looked online and it has completely disappeared. I can’t find it anywhere and it’s not on my repayments. Does anyone know what’s happened?
  • RE: Haven’t received my VAT number

    Yeah that’s what I thought, haven’t received anything and every time I call im on hold for over 40 minutes. Not doable when I’m at work everyday.
  • Haven’t received my VAT number

    I am paid through a company called securitax who sign up for my VAT number on my behalf. That was on the 25th of October. I still haven’t received my VAT number. Does anyone know how long the wait is? Thanks.