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  • Petrol money and bonus during internship

    Hello, I've had a contract as intern in a agency for 6 months. I've received about 200£ a month for paying petrol to go to work and some month I've received a bonus. At the maximum I've received 400£ a month but I don't know where to regeistrer that money in my self assessment. Thank you for your help
  • RE: Foreign gift from my family nd inheritance

    Hello again The interest are calculated on the year 2020 and year 2021 (I will receive the 2021 and the beginning of january 2022). My bank send me each January the interest received from my account but there is no details for each month. How could I indicate the interests for the income tax purposes from april to april in that case ? Thanks in advance
  • RE: Foreign gift from my family nd inheritance

    Thank you very much for your answer.
  • Foreign gift from my family nd inheritance

    Hello I am an EU citizen with settled status in the UK and I have one bank account in an EU country. I received 60.000€ for inheritance during the year 2020-2021. The money is on my account abroad and have already been declared to the local taxes. I've also received from my mother 100.000€ a few month later (The local law allow to give that amount once every 10 years to your own child) as a gift. I need to declare my self assessment for the year 2020-2021 but I don't know how to declare those 2 different things. Many thanks