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  • Transfer of SIP Shares

    Struggling to fill in self-assessment for 21/22. I changed employment during this period, but as I had shares in a SIP, they had to be transferred out of the scheme. Some of the shares had tax liability due to the retention period being less than 5 years. My previous employer calculated the tax liability and paid it via PAYE and added the share value and tax paid to the total taxable pay and tax paid. The problem is the total taxable pay is pushing my total income further into the higher tax bracket and so the self assessment is calculating I owe even more tax - and I can't find a way to add this information to the SA form. It does not seem fair to include the share value in the total earning for a single tax period as the shares were accrued over a longer period. Surely I should be able to remove the share value and the tax paid from the SA form? This is so stressful as 1 owe about 2k tax but the SA form is calulating it at nearly 5k! Please help!