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  • RE: Need to register for self assessment?

    Hi, Thank you very much for your help, this is very much appreciated and extremely helpful! I will register for Self Assessment and do the following: - Crypto: will disclose the gains (even if covered by allowance) - Money from my dad: not disclosed as not taxable (gift) - Bank interests: will disclose (even if covered by allowance) - The French real estate bond: will disclose, but is there a way to avoid double taxation (as I have already paid taxes on it in France)? Thak you so much! G
  • Need to register for self assessment?

    Dear All, I am trying to understand whether or not I need to register for self assessment for the fiscal year 2021-2022, and would highly value any advice / view regarding my situation described therafter: General information: - I am French, moved in the UK as of 01-Jun-21 (and my fiscal residence moved as of this date) - I had a salary in the UK over this fiscal year that was below £100k Specific items: - I traded some cryptos, for an overall gain below £100 >>> since this is well below the Capital Gain allowance, I assume this does not need to be reported - A property investment bond that I bought 18 months ago in France reached maturity in November 2021, hence I received the principal back + c.130€ of interest. I have disclosed this in my French tax return and I understand this is taxable in France >>> I assume this qualifies as a foreign income and would still need to be reported in the UK, but the self assessment registration form asks "I'm getting taxable foreign income of £300 or more" - is it unnecessary to report a foreign income below £300 (it's the case here)? - My dad sends me €500 per month via bank transfer, just to help me to settle >>> do I need to report this? If so, I assume it would be from the date I moved in the UK to the end of the fiscal year - I received some bank interests from the Netherlands (current bank account, interests amounting to c. €5), and France (tax efficient savings account in a French bank, interests of c. €500) >>> I am a higher-rate tax payers, hence these interests should be covered by the PSA - but does it work for foreign bank accounts? I hope this is clear enough! Any help would be very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance!