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  • RE: Interest from French Plan Epargne Logement

    Hi, Many thanks for your answer, this is very helpful. Just a quick confirmation: - if the savings account is instant-access, I understand that I have to declare interests the year they are paid - if it's a fixed-term savings account (as my account described above), then I understand interests are paid at redemption of the capital. Is that correct? Many thanks again!
  • Interest from French Plan Epargne Logement

    Dear All, I am French but UK fiscal resident (living and working in London). I still have a French savings account called a Plan Epargne Logement. This accounts generates interests each year, but these interests are not accessible as the full capital on this account is only available at redemption (which needs to be a full redemption). Given I did not redeem the capital, do I need to disclose / pay taxes on interests accrued on this account for the past year? My understanding is that disclosure needs to be done at redemption for the full amount of interests received through the life of the account, but would be grateful if someone could confirm that. Many thanks and best regards, G
  • RE: Need to register for self assessment?

    Hi, Thank you very much for your help, this is very much appreciated and extremely helpful! I will register for Self Assessment and do the following: - Crypto: will disclose the gains (even if covered by allowance) - Money from my dad: not disclosed as not taxable (gift) - Bank interests: will disclose (even if covered by allowance) - The French real estate bond: will disclose, but is there a way to avoid double taxation (as I have already paid taxes on it in France)? Thak you so much! G
  • Need to register for self assessment?

    Dear All, I am trying to understand whether or not I need to register for self assessment for the fiscal year 2021-2022, and would highly value any advice / view regarding my situation described therafter: General information: - I am French, moved in the UK as of 01-Jun-21 (and my fiscal residence moved as of this date) - I had a salary in the UK over this fiscal year that was below £100k Specific items: - I traded some cryptos, for an overall gain below £100 >>> since this is well below the Capital Gain allowance, I assume this does not need to be reported - A property investment bond that I bought 18 months ago in France reached maturity in November 2021, hence I received the principal back + c.130€ of interest. I have disclosed this in my French tax return and I understand this is taxable in France >>> I assume this qualifies as a foreign income and would still need to be reported in the UK, but the self assessment registration form asks "I'm getting taxable foreign income of £300 or more" - is it unnecessary to report a foreign income below £300 (it's the case here)? - My dad sends me €500 per month via bank transfer, just to help me to settle >>> do I need to report this? If so, I assume it would be from the date I moved in the UK to the end of the fiscal year - I received some bank interests from the Netherlands (current bank account, interests amounting to c. €5), and France (tax efficient savings account in a French bank, interests of c. €500) >>> I am a higher-rate tax payers, hence these interests should be covered by the PSA - but does it work for foreign bank accounts? I hope this is clear enough! Any help would be very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance!