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  • £100 Penalty

    I have been sent a letter saying that they are charging me £100 because they didn't receive my tax return for the year ended 5 April 2021 on time. The reason this has happened, is because I have been struggling to prove my identity when I tried to sign up as Self Employed (which I only was for 6 months before getting my NI number and being hired by my employer). I have tried many time to prove my identity to the system and finally activate my Self Employment account. All my tries have failed, as I do not have the 2 items needed for the system to check my identity (I am currently under the pre settlement status in the UK, and do not have a UK passport or driving license) I have applied for an activation code on the phone and online, and I never got a letter. I have applied for it now 3 times, after receiving the penalty letter. Please, I need help on how to appeal for this penalty, as I am struggling to get through the system and send my tax as I have intended for months. Whenever I have tried to appeal online, it says again that I cannot do it as I do not hold those 2 pieces of ID to prove my identity... This has become a true TORMENT for me, as the system won't let me prove my identity and I find no solutions, it's a whiting that bites its tail situation. Thanks, Maria