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  • RE: Business Tax Account

    Dear Sirs, Need more information for self assessment tax return(Personal Income Tax) Q1. File a paper form (SA100, SA106 and SA109) by post, HMRC will issue a "Tax Calculation" by post first. Then HMRC will send the "Tax Statement" by post later. Am I right? Q2.How long HMRC will take to issue the "Tax Statement" after issue "Tax Calculation"? Q3. Is the 11-character payment reference equal to UTR#+'K' when make a Tax Payment? Q4.I read from Formu, there are some people experience a late filing penalty(£100) for late report self assessment tax return. But they did it online already before deadline or they suppose no need to do it as they paid it through PAYE already. When HMRC send out Late Filing Penalty, any staff double check the system record or just let system generate penalty bill and send it out ? Q5. I tax return by post and I registered for Personal Tax Account online this year. Any chance for Late Filing Penalty because of system doesnt have my Tax Return record? Thank you so much.
  • RE: Business Tax Account

    Thanks! Got a better picture now. And have more questions for tax return. Q1. Is "Self Assessment:Tax Calculation" same as "Tax Statement"? My friend received "Tax Calculation" from HMRC by post but it doesn't included the paying in slip. My friend's tax background is similiar to me. Q2. Is the 11-character payment reference equal to UTR+'K'? Q3. Should I pay the tax near Dec? It is because there is a chance HMRC might revise it if any incorrect tax calculation or other reason. Q4. The revised tax calculation still send to me by post? Q5. Next year 2023/24 tax return, if I file Self Assessment tax return online, I should do it under personal income tax account or business tax account? For example, income from overseas saving interest and UK employment(PAYE). Q6. Do i need to get a activation code next year 2023/24 for complete Self Assessment registration? UTR is same for the next year and in the future? Thank you so much.
  • Business Tax Account

    Dear Sirs, I moved to UK 2022. Filed self assessment for 2022/23 with paperform(SA100,106,109). It is the first time file for income tax. I setup a Personal Income Tax Account login in government gateway around Jan 2023. I login gateway again this week. And there is one more option "Business tax account" available under top right hand connor "Account Menu". Q1. Is that mean I have one "Personal Income Tax Account" and one "Business tax account" ? I never request a "Business Tax Account" Q2. How do I check what type of account I have? Q3. Oversea dividend received in non UK bank account is classify as foreign income. Does it entitle "Dividend Allowance"? If not, what is the tax rate if I am in basic rate Income Tax band? Q4. For filing with paper form, the tax amount bill should post to me. But under the "Business Tax Acoount", it show small amount owe and have to paid before Jan 2024. I havn't received any tax bill by post from HMRC. This amount is for reference or...? Thanks.
  • SA Form

    Dear Sirs, For apply split year treatment, it has to fill in SA100 and SA109 paper form. Both need to send by post. 1. How long does it take to get tax bill after HMRC receive the form? Just try to get a idea for it. And can I check it online? 2. I have only £20 foreign saving interest to report for my income. Do I still get a tax bill even though I don't have tax to pay? How do I know HMRC received my paper form already? Thanks
  • Fill in SA Form

    Dear Sirs, 1.For sending the SA100, SA106 and SA109 form to HMRC(by Royal Mail's Registered Post), it should send to following address? HM Revenue and Customs BP8002 Benton Park View Newcastle Upon Tyne NE98 1ZZ United Kingdom 2.I have "untaxed foreign Interest from foreign bank" and "untaxed dividends from foreign company for overseas sources". Both income is less than 2000 pound. I should fill in it on SA100 or SA106? 3.SA106 form, F3 Box 4 is the total of column F for "Interest and other income from overseas savings"? 4.For apply split year treatment, do I have to fill in "Move in to UK date", "Starting full time work date" and "starting to have a home in to the UK only date" in SA100 form Box 40 "Any other information" section for HMRC reference? Thank you ver much!
  • RE: Split Year Treatment

    Dear Sirs, My wife want to apply "Split Year Treatment" for 2022/23. She started working in UK from 1 Oct 2022. Her employer using PAYE and deducted income tax from 1 Oct 2022 to 5 April 2023 already. She has small amount saving interest(foreign) need to report in tax return. Does she need to fill in SA102 for her salary income for 1 Oct 2022 to 5 April 2023? It is because PAYE deducted tax for her salary already. Thank you.
  • Split Year Treatment

    Dear Sirs, I am looking for advise on filling SA100 and SA109. My wife and I moved to UK on 1 Sep 2022. And we want to apply "split year treatment" 1. Can I submit "SA100 online" and "SA109 paper form by post"? 2. SA100 paper form is preprinted with name, address and UTR. Can we share the same form by amend the personal information on the paper form? Or we should order two SA100 paper forms individually? 3.SA109 Box9, "If you had a home overseas in 2022-23, put 'X' in the box" It is a criteria for "Split Year Treatment" or "Statutory Residence Test"? 4.SA109 Box 10, "Number of days spent in the UK during 2022-23" It is a criteria for "Split Year Treatment" or "Statutory Residence Test"? 5.SA109 Box 10, Is it asking # of days from the day of entering the UK to the start day of Split Year Treatment's UK part? For example, I arrived UK on 1 Sep2022 and start day of Split Year Treatment's UK part on 1 Nov 2022. I should put 61 days in Box 10? 6.SA109 Box 12, "How many ties to the UK did you have in 2022-23"? It is a criteria for "Split Year Treatment" or "Statutory Residence Test"? 7. SA109 Box12, is it asking how many ties I had before the "Split Year Treatment's UK part"? 8. SA109 Box12, my wife and I moved to UK on 1 Sep 2022 and did not leave UK from 1 Sep 2022 to 5 April 2023. My wife got a UK full time job on 1 Oct 2022. And we rented a home on 1 Nov 2022(we have no home from 1 Sep 2022 to 1 Nov 2022) I got one tie(family tie) because of my wife meet CASE 5 ? And my wife got zero tie? 9. My wife and I moved to UK on 1 Sep 2022 and did not leave UK from 1 Sep 2022 to 5 April 2023. We are UK Residence already because of stay over 183 days? Thanks!