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  • RE: Statutory residence - 2022/2023 tax year

    Hi HMRC Admin, Can you guys advise? Regards, YW
  • Statutory residence - 2022/2023 tax year

    Hi HMRC admin, I would like to clarify my situation and determine whether myself and my wife being UK resident for 22/23 tax year Me and my wife started living in UK from 30 Jan 2023 I transferred my position to my employer's UK office and started working full time on 1 Mar 2023 (and in Feb 2023 I was still working for the same company's overseas branch), while my wife didn't work in UK after moving to the UK So I would like to understand the following, in the context of tax year 2022-2023: 1. Am I UK resident? 2. If 1. is positive, would it mean that any income I made between 30 Jan 2023 and the end of the tax year would be taxable? What about those generated before I moved to the UK 3. Would my wife be classified as UK resident? 4. If so does she have to file her income from overseas and local bond yields / fixed deposit interest? Would that be restricted to those after she started living in the country, or it would extend beyond that? Does it matter the whereabouts of respective financial institution (UK vs overseas)? Based on my understanding from the automatic and ties test I don't think we are UK resident for 2022-2023 tax year, but I would like to confirm that Thanks for the help Regards, YW